About Us

TED University which carried the high-quality university education to the heart of the city with the “We Create The Difference in Higher Education” motto, believes that education is a life-long activity that paves the way for self-realization. To this end we have established the TED University Continuing Education Center (TEDU-SEM).

Relying on the experience of the Turkish Education Association and the academic expertise of TEDU, TEDU-SEM carries its activities with the objective of educating the inquired human resources of the country, supporting and developing the capacity of the educated human resources and adding quality, knowledge and skills to the workforce for the public institutions and organizations.

TEDU-SEM aims to organize original and high-quality training and certificate programs for participants from all backgrounds who wish to develop themselves in different areas and who believe in the importance of self-development in the ever changing and growing professional life. We are determined to support the individuals in discovering themselves outside stressful business life.

TEDU-SEM also organizes original training programs aimed for civil servants and private sector employees which will contribute to the personal and institutional development, promote the relations between the business world and the academy and provides consultancy services for improving the general development of the country.